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My own species for one of my characters. A Dramao.

I finally created and kind of figured out one of my character's species. Since he's the only character that I'm aware of like this, I figured I'd make a species for him so that others can join in on the fun of having a character like him. :)

So my character in progress is Snarf Wolf. He's loosely based on the popular character Snarf from thundercats. My love for Snarf and some other characters motivated me to create a version of him for my own. However I wanted more. Like powerful traits and abilities. So this will grow a bit, but for the most part, this is the base of the species. For me to even get this far is something.. now I just need some ref pics hehe :)

Species Name: Dramao. They are Reptile-Hybrids with the ability to change in and out of their reptile forms.
The name comes from me overthinking the name Snarf too much, a poll on twitter ( and fun with the name when I realized it had the word drama in it.

Mandatory Features of a Dramao:
Color pattern: The color of their hair (can be multicolored or solid color) is the same color as a thick stripe that runs from from the top of their heads to the tip, of the top, of the tail. As well as a streak of fur on each limb (arms and legs).
Along the underside from their throat to the end of the tail is colored differently from the body as well. (i.e. Something like a white underside would go from the throat all the way down the chest, belly, crotch, inner part of the rump to the tail-base, along underside of tail to the tip)

Normal forms: Their normal forms have the appearance of the species without the reptile features. So a dog would look like a dog. A cat like a cat, bear like a bear, etc. Normal forms must be a furry based species.
Noses are a shade of red.

Reptile forms:
Scales appear along the inside of ears and along the full underside of the character from the throat to the underside tip of the tail. The tail grows to match the length of the character and is strong and prehensile. Scales can be furry/fuzzy. Design of scales can vary.
Noses are a shade of red.
Eyes can change from round to slit pupils at will in this form and can see in the dark.
Other parts are a work in progress, but this is basically the base :) If you are reading this? What do you think? hehe :)
Tags: creating, dramao, furries, snarf, species

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